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Donate to "Keep Carmel's Dog Waste in its Place" GoFundMe Campaign

Carmel is indeed a dog friendly town - and is known for this far and wide, with a history that also includes our beloved Doris Day.   Beyond the water bowls, and leash free romping about on our beach, our City funds dog waste bags in Mutt Mitt dispensers about town.  This convenience reinforces the critical need to keep dog waste in its place.

As you know, our City budget is stretched thin, given a decrease in tax revenue from COVID-19.  CRA has already made a donation directly to the city specific for this cause.  But much more is needed.

We have created this GoFundMe campaign that allows:

  • immediate and easy online donations
  • donations in any dollar amount,
  • all dollars to be passed forward, in-full, into this city program. 

Visit our GoFundMe page for details on this program and to donate:

Thank you for helping to "Keep Carmel's Dog Waste in its Place"