Installing the VoiceMap App and Tours

  1. Search for VoiceMap Audio Tour on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  2. Download the App. It is a free App but Apple may still ask for your password. If you don’t have the password you will not be able to buy the App online but you can still buy it from the Visitors Center.

  3. Open the VoiceMap App and Sign Up for a new account or use your Facebook Sign-in. It is easy, just use your email and pick any password that you can remember. VoiceMap does not sell your email and will only contact you about a new software release or new tour in your area.

  4. Sign-in to your new VoiceMap account.

  5. Go to the Explore option and search the Monterey Peninsula to find the tour you want to buy.

  6. If you are buying it from the VoiceMap site you can select it and buy the tour using your Apple account. You will then download the tour on your phone. You will see the tour downloaded and it will be on your phone. Skip to Step 10.

  7. If you are buying the tour from the Chamber Visitors Center they will give you a ticket with an 8 character Tour Code.

  8. Go to Tour Code option again and Enter Tour Code option within that. Enter the 8 character tour code that is on the ticket. It will tell you what tour you have purchased and you should download the tour now. You will see the tour downloaded and it will be on your phone.

  9. It is recommended that you click on the gear on the bottom right (Settings) and select Feet and turn off the warning messages.

  10. Select the Account option at the lower left.

  11. The purchased tour will show up and you can Start the tour. Read the information about the tour by selecting the options on the upper right. This will include the starting location for the tour. If you are at the right place the red bar will be completely across the screen to the right and it will tell you that you are just a couple feet or meters away from the starting point.

  12. If you got a Free Tour Credit you can go to Explore, find a tour you want to purchase and use the Redeem option instead of Purchase. You will only get one free tour.